The comparison portal is online and helps overextended car-sharing users since September 2013 meets the new platform of car sharing the individual demands of Germany’s Carsharern. CarSharing is in vogue, the demand is constantly increasing. In the last year alone the number of car-sharing users in Germany increased 76.26 percent to 453.000 users. Today, there are 140 CarSharing providers who advertise with a total of 300 offerings to new customers in Germany. Finding the right service provider and the correct fare is difficult due to the wide range and the confusing market. The founder of have now developed a method to find the right car for every sharers. The comparison portal relies on a personalized filter that selects only the services that are really relevant to the customers. Several times a month or just for a weekend trip to use car-sharing? It remains within the city area or drive long distances? Not every provider is suitable for every need.

Carsharing has therefore launched its user-oriented comparison portal. Some customers are spontaneous, others plan long in advance. One wants to just go shopping and the other with the family in the countryside. Will be considered everything”, confirms Marcus Steinberg, founder and operator of the platform. Users of the comparison Portales have the opportunity to enter their individual driving behavior in your own profile to get the right services for her. The choices range from the hours over the distances pick-up at the station or flexible availability to the decision for day or night driving, fuel, or electric drive, with or without contract for the detailed comparison details can be weighed against each other. You decided for a tariff, it is forwarded directly to the vendor’s Web site.

For us, it is interesting to see which offers are selected. This allows we to exciting trends Watch”, explained Steinberg. Most users rent cars in large cities mainly for short distances. But vehicles are hired increasingly also for day trips. Very long periods of time like for 2-3 weeks are rare on the sharing platforms. Since users on the classic car rental provider contact. Steinberg: Also a rethink should take place here. Often the CarSharing provider is also in this case. First classic car rental companies to think even completely the CarSharing to switch to model.” Another exciting aspect is the topic of Electromobility. Automakers plan to test their electric fleets, to get such a robust user feedback in the future especially with CarSharing. At the IAA the theme sharing and electric mobility has been discussed intensively”, explained Steinberg. founder Ravi Seth and Marcus Steinberg the Berlin-based incubator of M cube in the boat have brought for their project. Not only financial support, but just the network of an incubator, mentoring, assistance in the implementation of technical and service infrastructure were crucial for us,”explained the decision for the incubator of M Cube Ravi Seth. The joint portal covers the German market initially, but wants to achieve in the European and international markets. 2012/2013 Of the Federal Association of CarSharing e. V. Jorg rad annual report

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