I go to give a good example: talking with a person on the Charity, it I vociferated that he helped nobody it, then I asked to it: paid some thing for the air keeps that you alive? Who gave the first parts to you of clothes when left naked the womb of your mother? Who gave a home to you? Who taught to you the first letters? Who makes your food? This everything is the Charity of God for you, through a person who nor knew. It says J Prophet, CAP. 1:20 and 21: Then, J if raised, tore its mantle, it rapou the head and it was launched in land and it adored; said: Naked leaves the womb of my mother and naked I will come back; it gave it to Mr. and it took it to Mr.; bendito is the name Mr.! If not to divide with who nothing has, of the richness that spreads for the world, you will cross the sepulture nuzinho in for, with hunger, headquarters, sleep and without having where to recline the head, therefore Jesus in its Apocalypse said According to Joo, CAP. 22:12: Here it is that I come without delay, and with me is the reward who I have to repay to each one its workmanships according to. God gave its Unignito Son in holocausto to sublimar the hearts, and you want to continue in full third millenium with the petrified heart? If the person to give attention, until the Mathematics, that is an Accurate Science, of to each one in accordance with its workmanships, nothing more, nothing less: 2+2= 4, and not 10, 20, 1000, and so on. When the person if frees of the substance for the called phenomenon death, Jesus Return, that is, its horizon spiritual if opens, is its partial judgment, is its meeting with its widened conscience, without being in occult nor past, nor present, and until the future things they will be delineated.

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