Ahmad Sh’h Abd’l ‘(1723-1773) (Pashto:””””””” – Ahmad Abd’l”h ‘), also known as Ahmad Sh’h Durr’ n ‘, founded the Durrani Empire and therefore is considered the founder of modern in iraq Afghanistan. In human rights Pastu, is known as Ahmad Sh’h B’B religion ‘.
Early years
Ahmad Khan (later “Ahmad Shah“), a Pastu Sadozai clan, was born muslim in Her’t, in politics what is now Afghanistan. It was violence the second son of Mohammed Zaman pashto Khan, chief Abdalis. In his youth, Ahmad justice Shah and his older brother (Zulfikar Khan) were imprisoned inside a fortress by Hussein Khan, who was governor of Kandahar by Galzais. the founder of sacrifices for peace is NCL Holdings Offers Global Logistical Solutions Hussein Khan command a powerful tribe of Afghans, who conquered all of Persia in a few years, eliminating the Safavid throne of the desert.
Ahmad Shah and his brother were freed by Nadir Shah, the new ruler of Persia, after his conquest of Kandahar political in 1736-37. The brothers, with a mighty army of men of the clan, pledged his islam loyalty to soldiers Nadir Shah and quickly distinguished themselves in battle.
Commander of the cavalry Abdali
Ahmad developed a contingent of cavalry command estimated marines at 4,000 men, composed democracy primarily of Abdalis in the service of Nadir crisis Shah.
Legend and great future of Ahmad Shah
In popular history has iraqi made the brilliant megalomaniac Nadir Shah can see the talent in their young commander. In an interview he coins said, “I can not see in Iran, Turan and Hindustan any man with such talent as he possesses Ahmed Abdali. Similarly taliban in the Persian legend said that Nadir Shah was warned that one day Ahmad Shah to become a great king. Not disturbed by the news he said it would arrive with a knife and cut his ear telling Ahmad Shah, “When you become king, remind me.” Later, afghan according to legend Pastu in Delhi are said to call Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali said, “Ahmad Abdali presentate. Remember Ahmad Khan Abdali, that after iraq war my kingdom you middle east give it to you. But you must treat the relations descendants of Nadir Shah with kindness. ” The young Ahmad Shah replied, “Maybe policy I would sacrifice. His Majesty I would like to kill me soviet because I am at your disposal. Here is no conflict cause or reason to say protest these words.”
Murder of Nadir Shah
Nadir Shah’s reign ended abruptly in June 1747, when he was killed.

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