At the time, the doctoral thesis of the architect Miquel Perez-Sanchez opened new perspectives on Astronomical and mathematical knowledge in antiquity, in particular in the ancient Egypt and, in particular, in the monumental complex at Giza. In order to disseminate the findings, Perez-sanchez be taught, in the delegation of the CSIC in Catalonia, a lecture series open to the public, based on his studies on the monuments of Giza. This cycle of conferences will be to see some of the problems that the aforementioned work has arisen, with the purpose of stimulating the knowledge around applications and scientific achievements that allowed the realization of magnas works as the set of Giza in ancient times. The conferences will be held on 22 and 31 May, as well as the June 6 and 14, in the lounge of acts of delegation of the CSIC in Catalunya, in Barcelona. Tuesday, 22 will start the cycle with the Conference the great pyramid of Cheops (KHUFU): reconstruction and CHRONOLOGY. They will introduce the Act Gabriel Ferrate Pascual, Dr. engineer, former rector of the UPC and Carles Ferrater Lambarri, Dr. architect, Professor at the UPC.

On Thursday, May 31, 2012 will focus on the whole MONUMENTAL of GIZAY EL ENIGMA of the Sphinx, with introduction by Ferran Sagarra Trias, Dr. architect and Director of the ETSAB (UPC), and Octavi Piulats Riu, Ph.d. in philosophy, Professor in the UB and Egyptologist. Wednesday 6 June the Conference will focus on the BENNU or Phoenix: of myth Egyptian to reality ASTRONOMICAL, with an introduction by Carles Miralles Sola, Dr. in Greek philology and Professor at the UB, and Emili Elizalde Rius, Dr. in physics and Research Professor of the CSIC.

Finally, on Thursday, June 14 the Atlantis Conference will take place: of myth PLATONIC to reality PROTOHISTORIC. The introduction shall be borne by Joan Gomez Pallares, Dr. in Latin Philology. Professor of the UAB, Josep Muntanola Thornberg, Dr. architect, former Director of the ETSAB (UPC). SCHEDULED AGENDA: Days: May 22, May 31, June 6 and June 14, 2012Hora: 18 h. place: delegation of the CSIC in Catalunaegipciaques 15, Barcelona.

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