In the world you can find many wonderful places, thanks to certain conditions of climate and the location in which they are represented on whether earthly paradises where thousands can enjoy the beauties of nature together with all the advantages offers the world today. A clear example of a place with the above features, is the Bahamas for its beautiful islands excellent climate and its location is a beautiful place where you can enjoy all the advantages of sun, beach and sea. Faced with such a beautiful place it is appropriate to learn more about the Bahamas, and this state is made up of 700 islands and islets, each offering a show of natural beauty, plus it has almost 2400 keys extending in a field 1200 miles from Florida to Cuba. What makes the islands of the Bahamas are so beautiful is that only 40 of the many that exist are inhabited, so that the rest still unspoiled. Among all the conformations of the most important islands are New Providence, and that this life is centered in the Bahamas, since it is more than half of the population of the Bahamas, alongside this is the most important economic group of islands. In the Bahamas, you will find many people willing to provide help to those who are visiting and immediately feel the warmth of the inhabitants of the Bahamas, which is listed as one of the features that have made tourism one of the major activities of this beautiful place. In addition to New Providence in the Bahamas you can find other important islands, including Acklins, Andros, Cat, Crooked, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, Great Abaco, Great Inagua, Harbour, Long, Mayaguana and San Salvador. Among these stands Andros and San Salvador, Andros is the largest island as the Bahamas, much to the advantage of besides the sea and the beach with a freshwater lake and the only river that there is wide Bahamas the Goose, while San Salvador has the historical significance of being the first island discovered by Christopher Colon. The Bahamian capital is located on the island of New Providence, Nassau being the epicenter of life in the Bahamas, and the location of Nassau presents this as one of the most important of the Bahamas, which include among the most significant presence in this port city Nassau is one of the most important of the Caribbean, since at this transatlantic reach of many countries, who come in search of a wonderful place as is the Bahamas that offers a pleasant tropical climate together with the beaches where you can spend precious moments of rest to enjoy the beauty that offers the Bahamas..

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