That is success? Many people approach really isn’t what is success but what makes. Do you know what I mean? Many people and professionals the first thing they tell me is that they want to hire me as your coach because you want to be successful at what they do. (Not to be confused with Nouriel Roubini!). Yes? Did you notice? be successful in what they do that detail! Being successful is not the same as having success. And here this the great secret that everyone wants to experience and very few come to choose. There is no way that you’re successful if the only thing you occupy in doing. Success is defined not only by what you have materially, but spiritually.

All successful professional knows this principle. There is a piece of immensely important information that some choose not to process. They prefer to take shortcuts jumping and avoiding key experiences for the success you are looking for. Separated themselves from their biggest dream and try to believe they are giving their 100% when actually what they deliver is enough and is going of According to what they believe is the right thing. That leader that discerning from reason and judgment, stays in the correct and functional escapes. His image is more important than your message and from here there is no big game. I do not know what the key to success; But the key to failure is trying to look good with everyone Bill Cosby here is the point: How does claim to transcend borders if not even dare to transcend your own? I speak of the border for your own sake, your mental picture of what you consider right and wrong, of transcending your fears. Playing a big game is four things: expose you.

How uncomfortable and what’s new. Be Visible. Be an example. Give what you ask, model what they demand of others, is impeccable in Word and presence in your life. It is the only way you inspire credibility. Dare not to be the reason. This first denotes humility. The most important quality of a leader. If your results will not show you these two points earlier, consider making a stop and begin to reestablish your North playing big. When you play big your results you introduce with credibility to the hearts of the people. And callas, that your presence says more than your Word. When it is the opposite, and you talk about more than what you show I invite that you streets until your presence is so clear that do not feel the need to have something to say. How to begin? brings your mind where it needs to be: here and in the now aligns your being with your endeavor is aware of your territory, do not pretend to dominate on something that you do not amaestras. Nourishes your goals with a spiritual purpose considers take your communication style to your next level. Be aware of your communication is to be aware of your message. Contributes and expon you. Supporting other you afinas your wisdom. If something I invite you to remember for the rest of your life, it is that you came to fill your space abundantly. If your plans come of that inner place the divine in you, they will be large enough so that the thanks of the universe can fit into them. Play big and enjoy the ride! Original author and source of the article.

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