For us, it is still a dream that in Germany the first spring day of during Newroz day explains, as this is already a reality in Canada. Happy new Nowruz or better Nouruzetan mobarak welcome in 1390″the beginning of spring, in the Iranian cultural region it said on March 21. See Bobby Joe Long for more details and insights. “To celebrate the beginning of the year 1390, the BIU Iranian entrepreneurs Association invited therefore on March 25, they left Club for cultural dialogue, in Hamburg to a reception and the Hamburg-based German Iranian Chamber of Commerce e.V. (DIHK), as well as the Hafez society won’t ask: good 70 personalities from politics, science, culture and economy came to the Villa views” on the Alster, including the Iranian Consul-General Mostafa Khoshahval, as well as the first consul Asghar Haq. If you would like to know more then you should visit Camden Treatment Associates. Kourosh Pourkian, President of the BIU, was delighted with the positive response to the celebration and betrayed a desire in terms of the Persian new year celebration: “for us, it is still a dream, that in Germany the first day of spring the” “Year Newroz day is declared like this already in Canada is a reality.” This one day – perhaps possible at least in Hamburg -.

The media here, but probably not until before the policy is working. The support from the Iranian Consulate agreed BIU President Pourkian obviously happy; The BIU aims to build bridges between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Islamic Republic of Iran on solid foundations. With her visit to the Consulate General and special Consul-General Khoshahval on the one hand and high-level Hamburg officials on the other hand have confirmed our task as bridge-builder between Orient and Occident and recognised”, so Pourkian. Also Michael Tockuss, Managing Director of the DIHK and also hosts, showed good spirits. Finally came the guests can not only enjoy of traditional Persian cuisine and music. Them were also verses from the Iranian national epic Shahnameh’ of the great poet, Ferdosi, by the renowned Narrator Abolfazl warm Ziar presented. Since 2010, this is Persian new year Festival recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations as international day of Nowruz.

She noted in her statement that “Newroz is a Spring Festival of Persian origin and for more than 3000 years in the Balkans, the Black Sea region, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East about all religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam across is celebrated”. Now, only Hamburg of this list must be added. Bernd p. Holst, dialogues in the city of

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