BrandCharger offers not only the cell phone but also marks on the ranks of the advertising gadgets has become to the task, to create imaginative article, which benefits was not yet known and offer with the help of electrical features extremely useful and innovative advertising. As one of the largest German advertising, LA CONCEPT also provides the category of advertising gadgets. Due to the high fun factor, they are extremely popular with the young and digital audience. In contrast to the classic promotional items make the gadgets with an entertainment factor. A promotional article can be used with the BrandCharger, a universal car charger, which charges not only the Smartphone or mp3 player, but also the own brand. Because even if the advertising gadgets use previously unused functions and objects as an advertising medium, the delivery of the message is in the foreground.

By an individual branding by means of illuminated LED logo, the brand and the logo can be always perceived. Thanks dual USB ports not only the drivers but also the passenger can recharge all devices which are compatible with a USB cable. As a practical travel companion for on the go can of BrandCharger as a car charger are taken anywhere, and by ensuring that the Smartphone or mp3 player is always charged and ready for use. Even in the everyday, it helps to use longer car trips to customer appointments. The installation of the advertising motif using logo imprint, as well as an individual branding of promotional packaging.

The LogoCharger can be used as a more compact variant in addition to the BrandCharger, which comes with USB cable and six different connections depending on the variant allows a sound playback when you turn. You can discover which ad to your target market fit, on our website. Under the heading of advertising gadgets can be found both the BrandCharger again as also the LogoCharger. To get the insight into the advertising, can also the LA CONCEPT catalog Center next to the site used be. There, some catalogues for free download find specially for the area of advertising. Of course there also you find complete divisions of LA CONCEPT in the form of catalogues and brochures.

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