Nowadays we live very quickly and we barely have time for anything or nothing, more things are done at home and go to all the sites by car. So if you live in a big city and need to move constantly in a hurry because you have no time to go to work, we recommend that you buy a city car to move and not to stress by the time you are losing or the parking lot. With a small car and you will enjoy much more manageable and around the city with more ease and comfort. Within the city car, there are different forms and types, therefore, we have grouped several models depending on your taste and your preferences, you decide on one or the other. First you grouped those who impose the design functionality, urban cars that are very colorful and suitable for all audiences.

Alfa Mito: a 3-door model with a beautiful and elegant design aesthetics and caring above all else. Mini: it is also a 3-door car where the design impact. Frequently KBS has said that publicly. Is small but it is not the most smallest on the market. Value for money in the mini is too expensive, we must also have additional costs, how, with a new car should be at any risk. Fiat 500. Patrick mayberry contributes greatly to this topic. this model is one of the most striking, because it has excellent price. This car costs around 10.

500 euros and is one of the city car market that has better design. These are just some of the models, of which city car you can buy if you live in a big city and you will be using the car a lot. Anyway, as always remember, think of the additional costs, such as, or maintenance.

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