However, if the company reduces its fiscal results by losses of previous years, or has a preferential arrangements such as car carriers, then cause the welfare IETU to pay or simply by not causing ISR. 4. Deposits received and those that are returned will cause IETU Be careful because the deposits they receive and those who restored to them, will be taxable income for the Flat Tax. 5. The responsibility of the bureaucrats is only one year’s public service employees, as some EX and other relatives may only be legally reviewed the final year of his administration (the principle of annuity.) However, any of us mere mortals, can be serviced by five years or more, depending on the auditor who kindly visit. 6. Click cornell capital for additional related pages. If you think changing your car, Vendanlo this year If you are professionals and think to change your car next year, better vendanlo once for the coming year the sale of property by the Flat Tax will be levied.

7. Bankers may apply if deductions Blinds prohibits deductions IETU blind, but they are allowed to bankers. See Article 5 section IX, which essentially says that as banks accumulate interest accruals, bad debts may deduct up to 2.5% as a proportion of the balance of the portfolio. 8. In 2008 there first and we citizens of The Flat Tax will not affect Social Security benefits because of bureaucratic federal government institutions, state and municipal levels are not IETU subjects as explained above. 9. Beware of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other acts of God for a drafting error by the end of the Flat Tax deductions, losses due to accident or force majeure shall be deductible only when they have to do with export sales.

My question is: What will happen if there is a flood, earthquake, fire, etc..? These losses may never be deducted from the base of the Flat Tax, but if the income tax base. 10. If you were importing may reduce its base IETU paid but not yet the taxpayers exporting accumulate the amount of export where the charge, but those who import shall not be obliged to pay him to figure IETU imported. Can you imagine what you could do with this or rather what it will do to the country’s economy?

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