He is well-known what the Christianity hodierna is passing, does not have as to deny the ideological and conceptual miscegenation between the secular and Christian culture. The transcendentes values and moral principles are argued under a speculative and mere subjetivista point of view. The bible, pra many left of being the book of faith rule and practises, thus opening a breach antinomistas to declare war to them against the excellent values that it prescribes in them. Mr. for the mouth of Jeremias prophet condemns the preachers who in the eagerness to receive applauses, transmit a message ' ' amigvel' ' thus omitting the truth that is as ' ' hammer that esmia penha' ' (Jr.23.28, 29) In evangelho of Mateus, I capitulate 22,29 said Jesus: ' ' Errais, not knowing the Holy Writs, nor the power of Deus' '. To know here is not mere a mental perception, but an assimilation summons. Not to accept this truth, is doubtlessly the reason of the humanity if to find in an effective chaos. We who we know the Holy Writs need to present to the world this absolute truth as an only tool of transformation moral and social spiritual. He is therefore that the Bible must be taught, sine qua non the man will not find the way certain.

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