WHAT KIND OF Tableware CHOOSE Arranging reception, we must think carefully how to arrange the table. There may be four types of table setting: 1) coffee or tea table 2) dining table with cold appetizers, and 3) a table in the form lunch counter, which can be served to you in 3 ways: a) in Swedish, b) "a buffet", c) a cocktail table, and 4) a cold table with hot food or without it. Dessert will yield in all cases, and completes the reception of coffee or tea. Let's talk about coffee or tea table. Authentic Chinese dishes specifically designed for tea lovers who prefer a refined porcelain, which has long been used to create the tea utensils. Teapot from this material well keeps the temperature of tea, keeping the color, taste and smell. Such dishes of porcelain is elegant and pleasant to use.

Tea masters in China, the figure depicted in this dish, reflect the life of his people and all grandeur of nature, spaces which are limitless. This image is part of antiquity, because it was taken out of the picture painted in the mid-fifteenth century, and we have the opportunity to see, to receive spiritual enjoyment and aesthetic pleasure from the excellent work of the master. Put colored tablecloths and tone to them suitable colored napkins hand, or simply place on the table colored cloth napkins. Then the middle table covered with a narrow track, which put a plate of sandwiches, pastries and fruit. Dish for each guest to put those little woven cloth. Coffee table is good to decorate with flowers, candlesticks with candles, souvenirs.

Only in all this should be a sense of proportion. Such a table – one of the most beloved. For coffee or tea is served small decorative sandwiches, cakes with bacon, sweet and salty cookies, muffins, cakes, salty or sweet cakes. On the table you can put the box of chocolates, strawberries with powdered sugar, cream or ice cream. Tea is served jam, honey, the coffee – hot milk or cream. Lemon serves as one and to another table. Coffee with milk or coffee with chocolate – everyone chooses to your taste! Before the coffee can be served hot appetizer or salad. For coffee and tea table serves toast, toasted in the toaster, which put on the table closer to the outlet. With tea are served in a variety of pastries and sweets. Surprise your guests with brown cane sugar! It perfectly underlines the flavor of this espresso. If You have a romantic date, then the appropriate candles. They are lit when the sit down or when they start to treat a cake or a holiday pretzel. Warm your company for a beautiful and delicious meals!

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