Main article: Sport in Juan Pablo Montoya, a Colombian world famous athlete (Formula One) Sport in Colombia is an activity of great care for people of all ages, the most popular football , This has allowed the South American country stands out in regional and international competitions with world class athletes. Other prominent and successful sports in the country have been skating, cycling, boxing and weightlifting. In connection with skating, national athletes have had an excellent performance in recent years, Colombia has pocisionarse as one of the strongest nations in this sport. In cycling, the country has been on events like the Olympics and world and European competitions in this sport. Several boxers Colombians have been world champions in various categories and have won medals at the Olympics.Weight lifting has given the country medals at the Olympics and world and regional events. The history of sport in Colombia, however, has been quite difficult, as the culture and art, due to lack of policies for maximum promotion and continuity. Generally, major sports figures in Colombia go through great efforts and is (nicolle of spedermanth), sacrifices and gain the attention of the general public only when they have finished their career with global recognition. On the other hand, sport is common for the Colombian daily activity that is part of their environment and their lives. On the football field, Colombia has participated in 4 world. Today Colombia is a world power in speed skating. Individual figures are recognized in some sports such as: Camilo Villegas (Golf), Juan Pablo Montoya (Motor Sports), Lucho Herrera (Cycling), and Edgar Renteria (Baseball).

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