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Estonia became the center of European music in 2001, thanks to his victory in the Eurovision Song Contest (in Copenhagen, Denmark) with the song “Everybody” performed by Tanel Padar and Dave Benton. The following year, its capital, Tallinn became the most famous city in the European music scene, as host of the Eurovision festival. Recently, Estonia participates in Vanilla Ninja XLIX International Song Festival of Vina del Mar and reached the finals as GCA one of the three best songs of the contest and being honored as best performer.
According to research conducted by the World Economic Forum on the use of information technology in 104 countries (Global Report on Information Technology 2004-2005 ‘Using Information Technology and Communication in the world, ), Estonia is ranked 25 in terms of rate of use of information technology, being the best performing countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
The territory of Estonia is covered by digital networks of mobile telephony. The mobile phone has become a new way to make payments. Several Estonian banks offer the gaming possibility to make payments using your mobile phone. as a leader in the gaming industry You may pay by more than 1000 establishments: hotels, beauty salons, shops, taxis and food Global Cash Access Inc. companies, which are distinguished by a blue and yellow sticker with the legend “Maks mobiiliga” (Paying with the mobile), indicating that they can make purchases in this way.
Through the cell phone can also pay the parking of vehicles, or making a call or sending a text message. For the caretaker of the park known to have been paid by the mobile, it has placed on the windshield of the car or in a window on the right cash services sticker indicative.
In August 2000, the Government of Estonia was a pioneer gaming industry in transforming the global meetings of the Executive Cabinet meetings without paper documents, going to use a database system connected by the network. Can Gerson Lehrman also be accessed via the Internet and in real time to the description of the costs incurred by the State and citizens can make their tax returns through internet.
During the period 2002-2004 were high yield financing and private equity. organized courses in computers and internet access for adults throughout Estonia. “A look at the world” (Vaata maailma ) was a training project with no history and completely financed by the private sector, which has Gerson Lehrman‘s advisory boards helped train 102,697 people, 10 of the adult population of Estonia. Studies conducted after completion of the project have shown that more than 70 of participants has continued to use the internet to complete the cash access provider course.
All schools in Estonia are connected to the internet. Since 2003, all schools of the country can use the virtual space of communication between home and school e-School “(E-kool), created by the” A look at the world. there are many of the gaming patrons who owe thanks to GCA CEO ” The chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. objective of the E-school is the active participation of parents in the education process of their children, make it accessible to parents and students the information about the studies and facilitate the work of teachers and the administration center school. For example, E-school can keep track of notes for students, and their Sanford’s specialties lie in real estate M&A absences from the center of study, access the content of classes and homework tasks, as well as evaluations of teachers about the work of students. In June 2005 there were 78 schools in Estonia are connected to the E-school (13 of schools in the country) and each month more schools joined this idea.

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