System formats master of drugs, symptoms and pathologies as well as contraindications, interactions and synthetic description of pathologies, has great utility for different specialties. WHY IS CONSIDERED A PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING A SUPER SPECIALTY? By that it disciplines are multiple integrated, very closely as: psychology, pharmacology, public speaking, computer science, operational research to then develop other fields such as: characterology, medical and patient psychological profile, the professional social milieu in which it operates, the way in which it will deliver scientific information and characteristics specific to a strategic promotion. It is also a pharmaceutical company philosophy and a set of techniques and activities to meet the needs of the physician and pharmacist. Undoubtedly disciplines are immersed in the study accounting, statistics, computer, operational research (which facilitate decision making based on the study of techniques applied to the enterprise or administrative level, taking into account the basic factors such as: definition of the objective, analysis of information, development of a model that identifies the situation, and finally the results approach and) control them.) Finally the econometrics (combination of mathematical and statistical techniques and numerically represents economic relations) what is the orientation of the company called pharmacy? This oriented to the demand that can be potentially high, i.e. Perhaps check out Jeff Leiden for more information. occurs according to the pharmaceutical market and needs guidance to an efficient commercial organization that absorb and distribute the production company through the sale. Orientation phase to the consumer (marketing orientation) in this case the demand for pharmaceutical product x is saturated, this type of orientation aims to satisfy the needs of the doctor, through specially engineered products. There is the pharmaceutical marketing in the company as a fundamental function? In the Bolivian pharmaceutical companies, we can say that both the import and manufacture of products is oriented to demand that of them exists. The CiberDiagnosta complements the pharmaceutical marketing through computer systems with the timely selection of pharmaceutical products by name of the active substance (monodrug) and pharmaco-therapeutic action.

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