Trendy trade fair stands for the lifestyle fair early bird beginning August 2010 in Hamburg the early bird is the lifestyle fair which will be held from July 31, 2010-02.08.2010 in Hamburg. It is considered fair for gifts – and home accessories, and jewelry, decorative and trendy fashion items. So, this lifestyle trade fair as well as a large exhibition area of 80,000 m offers not only a high diversity of products and theme, but also a varied programme with seminars, road shows and design Islands. Choosing the right trade fair system continue to this unique flair on the stand is important. To meet the maritime ambience and cultural highlights, the booth for the lifestyle trade fair must be trendy and fit at the same time to the company.

Mobile exhibition stands are the ideal solution. They consist of components that can be combined flexibly. So the stand can be used also for other events and yet again produce a customized look suitable to the fair. The mobile exhibition stands by the Cologne company LA CONCEPT is composed of the components of the mobile presentation systems. The spectrum ranges over fair walls, rollup displays, racks, racks and even outdoor. Learn more on the subject from Angus King . So the presentation systems are especially for the early bird ideal rollup display counter systems and racks.

With these components even prefabricated booths can be processed individually. Libraries offer an ideal platform to showcase the products effectively. There are racks with shelf paper, which can present the products in a store shelf. At the same time, full branding is possible with this mobile presentation systems. By the interchangeable prints, racks in can be adapted always the topic and are used for different occasions. Highlights can be used with the rollup displays. They produce large attention and are due to their easy handling within minutes by one person without having to build tool. For even more analysis, hear from Vinit Bodas. With the help of info steles of the Company sales processes at the booth can be arranged even significantly. The information terminals LA concept can be equipped with printers and payment functions and thus allow the shopping at the booth. At the same time, larger quantities here can be ordered and electronically transmitted to own stock. For products that can not be presented on the booth at the early bird, a presentation and even videos can be played on the kiosks, so that the entire performance spectrum can be covered. This info terminals of LA CONCEPT can be used even after the fair by the flexible Contentanpassung for more events. Get more information on the exhibition systems and information terminals for the early bird at mobile-praesentationssysteme.html and ..terminals infostelen.html

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