The offer of accommodation ranges from hotels on the Costa Brava, which are found mostly in cities, to apartments and also camping sites, the duck urlustige tourist sights and excursion destinations in the northeast of Spain. There are also some mountain huts and hostels in this region, that more appeal to a younger audience. Apartments are best suited to meet the untouched and authentic Costa Brava Costa Brava. This region has many places of interest, not only culturally, but to be discovered natural beauties, waiting. One of the most visited sights is culturally on the Dali Museum in Figueres. This museum has tailored guides for every target group, allows group reservations, and also has an own shop for DALI fans. The many beaches around and also Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Blanes, as well as the large natural park of Cap de Creus, of that include natural beauty of the Costa Brava you can also scuba diving excursions to the protected underwater world can make.

For this, it is advisable to book a hotel in Roses. Also the medieval city of Girona with its Gothic churches, monasteries and castles is a beautiful city. Furthermore the Banyoles Lake and the Faqedawald on the beach are well worth a visit. Young people also like to go skiing in the mountains of the Costa Brava to the early summer weeks. There are also special offers for seniors to learn about the ski area of the Costa Brava. If you do holiday on the Costa Brava, you should pay a visit also the largest fortress of Europe’s: Sant Ferran. This is in the picturesque Dali city of Figueres and is known for its unusual, mystical Pentagon shape. Anyway, there are for family, friends and couples and a large variety of destinations to experience a lot. Press contact: Perfect Sun travel SL author: Verena Avenida Madrid 95-97, 08014 Barcelona phone: + 34934093647 email:

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