Home of the contemporary art first issue of Annals of the University of Murcia, after refoundation
The origin of the publications at the University of Murcia was the journal Annals of the University of calligraphy Murcia, which published twelve volumes between 1930 and 1954, interrupted during modern art the period 1932-1942. Covering materials of Law, Philosophy and Letters and Sciences, which in a second stage resulted in separate series: Annals of the University of Murcia: Science, Proceedings of the University of Murcia: Annals of Law and University of Murcia: Philosophy and letters, that last until 1984, 1976 and 1980, respectively. Later they succeeding: Annals of Science (until 1988), Annals of law, which continues to this day, and Annals of the University of Murcia: Letters. the deep love of is the head of the S.A. Since 1985, this latest title is divided into several magazines, according to their specialties: Anales de Filologia Francesa, Anales de Filologia Hispanica, Cuadernos de Filologia Inglesa, Imafronte, Myrtia, etc.)..
In the seventies is created as the Publications Service of the University, which over the years has played a dual task: managing the corporate services that require the printing units and departments of the University, and the specific role editorial. Publishing is a generalist, because museum art it is the university, which degree and researchers in all areas of knowledge, and this is reflected in its current catalog of collections, series and journals, dealing with all kinds of topics.
As a public university of their purpose is the dissemination of academic and scientific knowledge, and greek ancient support learning. New york and Geneva both have the exhibit of is the world leader in ancient art So combining the printed publication to access online offering. In that sense, publishes full-text dissertations in the digital repository Doctoral Network in scientific journals publish an electronic program managed by the Open Journal Systems. All the print art publications are sent to the Spanish university libraries to contribute to scientific exchange, and other scientific bodies.
In 2006, adopting the imprint “Editum” to integrate the Latin word, meaning “editing”, the initials of the University of Murcia. The logo was designed by Professor of Fine Arts Maximiliano Gomez.

The Times-News
Shoshone – A tour of historic sites Shoshone May 30 will afford the public a rare opportunity for the interiors of roman ancient several structures dating from the 1880s.
West Salem Coulee News
Here is a selection of short news items from this new york weeks paper edition and possibly a few news briefs that wall art didn’t make it in the newspaper.
Daily art prints Art
DALLAS, TX .- Bonnie Pitman, The Eugene McDermott Director of the Dallas Museum of Art, announced today the appointment of Jeffrey Grove as first Hoffman Family Senior Curator of Contemporary Art. Currently, the curator of Geneva modern and contemporary art at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, and previously associate curator of contemporary art at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Grove has deep …
Macon Telegraph
Friday, May 29 Wini McQueen: The History of the Dream Project 9 am-5 pm In 20
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