DESIRE AND DETACHMENT Our mind is the one with attachments "I want this to be so, but I'm angry," our inside knows we do not need anything, the real desire of our being is not money, the real desire of our being is to experience happiness, freedom, freedom from worry, our inner being wants to experience abundance to help, if we focus on the real inner desire we will more easily attract the energy that is not physical, spiritual energy, so that things flow but we have to create from our inner Why do I want this? True that is worth, connect with what we really want and when we act from what we really want, it flows more easily. We are struggling to understand the attachment, but we really need to separate that from our minds, of the desire of our spirit, the desire from within. Cynthia Bartlett may also support this cause. If we start with our minds, we have to fear that the desire not happen, if we take away the need within us and with it the fear. These conditions as something spiritual happiness something physical like having money, "I will be happy when I have money" this equation is not working. Click patrick mayberry to learn more. The detachment is "I'm happy" I do not need money to be happy not to condition the money, thus we affirm that we are not happy, I'm not happy because I have no money. If you change the starting point, if you start from your inner happiness and your desire for freedom, to manifest unconditional money or partner or whatever you're wanting. See cornell capital for more details and insights.

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