Did selangor you know …’ KB jawatan kosong Pascual Boing is a Mexican soft drink company. After a strike that lasted three melaka years and subsequent bankruptcy kuantan in the eighties, workers bought it making it a terengganu cooperative. Pascual Boing is considered by various langkawi sectors of the left as an example of a successful labor movement, because it is one of the few cooperatives that have presence in much of Mexico and some U.S. cities. It now jalan has plants in kelantan some states, however their two plants are located kedah in the historic city of Mexico. Its main product is a line of noncarbonated beverages containing fruit juice or pulp. The available flavors include mango, tamarind, johor strawberry, grape, apple, orange, guava, pineapple, soursop, sarawak and peach. It also produces a line kota kinabalu of carbonated drinks. The company consumes about 20 thousand tons of fruit annually and 24 thousand tons of sugar. In late 2005, following a request from Greenpeace, Pascual Boing certify that their processes do not use GM products. By: Kriss Osorno “Marketing and Advertising Review, reads better …” Enter your e-mail in the box below klang to receive FREE notes to your perodua inbox. Do not forget to taman send your articles in the form of collaboration shah alam to the page, these will be received in the mail kancil merkdotecnia hotmail.com-THANKS –

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