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“DNR” (titled “Do Not Resuscitate Order” in Argentina, “No CPR” in Spain and “decision” in Mexico) is the ninth episode of the first season of the insurance American series House. It was delivered on 1 February 2005 in medical insurance U.S. and 21 February 2006 in Spain.
A well-known trumpet player suffers an attack while recording a musical insurance plans piece. He was admitted to the hospital where she signs a document that prohibits performing any intervention of resuscitation (CPR no.) House and a famous health plan physician must “compete” with Foreman and the patient.
The original title “DNR” stands for an acronym derived from the English expression “do not reanimate” or similar “do not resuscitate”, which literally means “do not resuscitate” and “do not resuscitate” respectively. It is a medical order for that, some people do not get treatment for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), because so requested in writing.
Main Case
A well-known trumpeter, John Henry Giles, who travels in a wheelchair because of paralysis suffered two years ago, suffers from group health a breathing attack when he starts playing in the recording of a piece with a band of music.
Emergency hospital admission, Dr. House goes to Cuddy’s office, the director of the clinic to say he “wants to enter. House is an amateur musician. Cuddy refuses the request because it is a simple case of pneumonia, but House argues that he wants to treat paralysis, whose origin is unknown. Cuddy back to deny the request of House because the paralysis of John Henry is served by an experimental treatment by a famous doctor, Marty Hamilton, with whom Dr. Foreman did his residency. Dr. Hamilton phone call group insurance asking him to Cuddy Foreman assigned as team leader of House, to treat pneumonia, the musician. House and Hamilton must “compete” with Foreman and the patient.
House, however, makes the team, now led by Foreman, who is “boss” – also analyze the paralysis. Hamilton has already diagnosed the paralysis as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a degenerative disease that leads to death health is the same disease suffered by the physicist Stephen Hawking. House challenges the diagnosis, because it is a disease “exclusion”, for which no evidence or treatment and proposed to have a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine alternatives. Foreman refuses (in my case).
While serving Foreman John Henry, this being consulted his medical opinion, and Foreman confirms its agreement with the diagnosis of Hamilton. The musician, however, lets you know your doubts, because treatment is not working. Foreman mentions that House then suggested an MRI, and John Henry asks him who thinks he is right or Hamilton House. Foreman takes the side of John Henry Hamilton and then calls an order not to resuscitate (DNR).
Foreman tells House that signed a DNR trumpeter and this, still thinking of alternative diagnoses, suggested include immunoglobulin antibodies ie, among the substances being administered. Foreman does.
Immunoglobulin has the effect of causing apnea, but doctors can not intubate because of the NRO who signed John Henry. When House arrives, small business insurance it ignores the NRO and personally intubated. John Henry is accused of professional aggression and get a restraining order that orders House no health plans closer than 15 meters from the trumpeter and Foreman criticized it aetna insurance harshly.
Because the reaction on the immunoglobulin, House ruled that the paralysis is due to multifocal motor neuropathy. House insurance companies continues to review the case with Chase and Cameron, who may be uncomfortable with the dual chain of command. Cameron argues family medical insurance that it could be Wegener’s granulomatosis.
Given the situation, Dr. Hamilton travels from Los Angeles to New Jersey to switch to John Henry. House then initiates a legal action to prevent the music is off, claiming that his death would violate the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that includes the so-called confrontation clause, which establishes the dental insurance right aetna health of all citizens to “confront witnesses against him “. The judge granted.
Returning to the hospital Cameron and Chase report that the biopsy showed individual insurance only inflammation, a weak signal to sustain suffering Wegener. But House without further opportunities to conduct new tests, decides to administer Cytoxan, assuming that you have Wegener.
Hamilton arrives at the hospital and has a conversation with House. My first choice is is a health insurance provideroffers a variety of health insurance packagesis an innovative health insurance service companycan reduce your payment on health insurancehas one of the best health insurance plans He announced that the charges against him have been raised, which will fulfill the desire of John Henry to be disconnected from the ventilator. However, after disconnection, the patient does not die, a fact which also proves humana insurance that the condition healthcare plan is that House Wegener volvio a mistake.

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