The idea for a business number 1 Production of clean wood and cloth toys for children. Many parents pay attention to the country of manufacture children’s clothes and stuff. Often in this category of products they do not want contact with the Chinese and plastic gadgets, trying to find a Russian version, but it is difficult, because niche on the supply side a little filling. The idea for a business number 2 Destky second-hand. Children’s clothing store opening in the former use. Perhaps the secret to the success of such stores is the low prices and in aesthetic, nice presentation of the goods.

In this old children’s things you can further decorate. To maintain its customer base You can provide buyers the option to take previously purchased items to the store with the ability to exchange for other and with an additional charge. Despite the fact that the niche is filled with shopping carts, virtual bulletin boards, mass nizkoruvnevyh second-handov for quality real shop with a high level of service and presentation can have a place. (). The idea for a business number 3 Opening cheese, vegetarian restaura organic food.

This niche almost empty in Russia. Another little niche is formed, and the demand side, however, only one syroedchesky forum has about 7000 people in social networks, there are many groups (one group can include up to several tens of thousands) that could potentially become clients of this restaurant. Interested in this business idea can easily find on the Internet for ideas of the menu. Such food is not only useful, but not less delicious and aesthetically appealing (). The idea for a business number four tasty, useful, organic food in the office. Preparation and delivery of a healthy meal in a home office. The business idea is more suitable for large cities. In To save on rent more office space being built outside the city center, but often a couple of grocery stores and stalls with cakes is difficult to find a place for dinner. Probably, such a business can have a better chance success if the businessman will be able to focus on a specific niche unoccupied (vegetarian meals, fresh meals). The idea for a business number 5 Organization of delivery of organic products from private agricultural lands in restaurants. Often, farmers grow produce in quantities greater than their own needs. The buyers who come to the village, tend to offer too low a price for the products, which reduces the incentive farmers for the cooperation. In Russian villages you can find people who manufacture the products (honey, pickles) on traditional Russian recipes, old methods and devices that will probably look appealing on the menu.

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