In the afternoon hours of March 3rd 2009 with a message of 30 minutes, pre and disseminated by several television and radio stations broadcast throughout Puerto Rico, Luis Fortu o the governor explained his plan to restore the economy by four Puerto Rican-based measures by Governor Luis Fortu o, as part of its plan to reduce public spending and stimulate the economy. Fortuno made the announcement about a massive reduction in the payroll and 30.000 confirm layoffs of public stock prices employees, and perhaps did at the end of a message, which confirm that there will be no increase in the IVU (tax unit value), nor impose taxes on gasoline or cell phone. In the message, the president enthusiastically to his audience about his “ambitious but not impossible ‘proposal to distribute billion stimulus plan Creole and federal infrastructure projects, relief and disclose bonds to pensioners and families to announce aid who can not afford their homes or who want to buy a new house.
With a view camera, dressed in blue and with her hair perfectly smooth and flawless, Fortune explained that 30,000 layoffs will be made in stages that begin during the summer, contrary to what is stated in the hood. Phase ‘sensitive’ consists in convincing employees with over 20 years of service to access permanently reduce their working hours so that one day remaining in each half, one day per week. You are encouraged to grant waivers bonds equivalent to between one and three months’ salary, depending on years of employment. Further explained that there would be a freeze on any increase in salaries, fringe benefits and any increase in compensation or economic benefit, whatever the source of them, all employees from July 1, 2009 and for two fiscal years . If these actions do not yield substantial savings, and begin to bring into force a plan of unemployment which excludes police, health professionals, employees of the correction system, teachers who teach regular classes, and Office of Government Ethics Commission State Elections. The Judiciary, the Legislative Branch, the University of Puerto Rico and the municipalities are not subject to this plan. Redundancies begin by former workers of lower age and I will be in all government agencies.
Fortuno also announced in his message on taxation permanent exchange and temporary. Owners whose homes have a value greater than 210,000 will see their tax duplicate buildings. This measure will be in effect for four years. There will be a 5 increase in payment of contributions for individuals who earn 100,000 or more, as well as to couples who earn 150,000 or more. The stock symbol taxes will be permanent for cigarettes, beer and wine, local and imported. The stock quotes proceeds were used to pay for the health card, said Fortuno, who yesterday afternoon was the White House to advance the content of your plan. Be seen whether the 10 measures that increase taxes, economic stimulus plans four to eight measures to cut and reduce the payroll will be sufficient to prevent degradation of the bonds, eliminate the deficit and pay debts with suppliers of Government. During March 2009, the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico’s Legislature approved the public hearing through executive action plan for economic reconstruction and fiscal Luis Fortu o to confront the government’s budget crisis.
By the plan of voluntary waivers and reduction of the workday, employees who remain will experience severe adjustments to their conditions of employment as of July 1 2009. Under the Special Act Declaring State of Emergency and Establishing Fiscal Stabilization buy stock Plan to Save the stock quote Tax Credit in Puerto Rico (Law 7), beyond the suspension of collective agreements, the government suspended or limited benefits to employees as part of the so called ‘phase 3’ cuts. The government articulated in parallel programs and voluntary waiver of time off (phase stock market 1) with a comprehensive freeze of fringe benefits (Phase 3). For example, the statute allows suspension of wage increases, fringe benefits, pay differentials (either special or internship), training plans or training and leave with pay for studies. It also would the stock market eliminate fees for university employees or family members and providing scholarships. The law also allows to stop payment of any special license to attend and provide compensation when the person receiving the licenses provided by the Law on Temporary Disability Benefit (Sinoto) or receive benefits arranged by the Law of Accident Compensation System Labor (State Insurance Fund) or the so-called safe choferil.

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