The best way to get to information, unfortunately, it is everyday life in the services sector, that one never can be sure whether the customers are really satisfied. In the automotive industry you know until after 2 1/2 years, whether customers come back. Then when the next HU or inspection would be due. This is of course far too late to undertake the attempt to win cracked down customers back. The reason of staying away would be interesting to know.

In the meantime the unhappy customer has manifested his displeasure in the circle and the image of the car dealership has been damaged. Traditional advertising like ads are expensive, have losses, and are often not perceived. Assessment of customer satisfaction, active telemarketing or extension of services (extended opening hours, requests, etc.); direct communication in the form of the phone is the most effective way when it comes to the wire to the customer. This is the direct address of the target persons particularly important, a high value of the response, as well as the Possibility to measure, to control and, where appropriate, to respond to the use of costumer-care products make efficient marketing instruments. In particular, HARRI112 – evaluate costumer-care products: what happens in the market? Like seeing my clients? An own evaluation action with pre-defined questions or but using outbound products, such as appointment or assessments on certain topics (such as the repair was?) to get.

To survey the market and knowing what happens in the market, is extremely important for the future direction of a company. As well, so that the company can plan future through intelligence: what do you think of my dealership customer? What does he expect? Presentation of new products, upcoming events, etc. HARRI112 contacted the customers and it is at the same time trying to get a commitment for upcoming events, ideas, etc. Not only the presentation of the new car, invitations to events, are so simplified, but also incurred costs. Customer satisfaction customer opinions are important; satisfied customers are pleasant; dissatisfied customers can be, however, bad for business.

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