The years if had passed and this idea was being modified and today In the measure where it constitutes YOU the practical theoretical study of the use of the technologies, objectifying the knowledge, the analysis and the critical use of these technologies, it serves of instrument to the professionals and researchers to carry through a pedagogical work of construction of the knowledge and interpretation and application of the technologies gifts in the society. (SAMPAIO, 1999, P. n this idea. 25) It is the undeniable presence of the technology in the society that stimulates the requirement of a technological alfabetizao and the redefinition of the formation of professors, which must propitiate to same the o development of a critical vision on the insertion of the technological ways in the education as education tool. The initial formation of professors has, therefore, that to also prepare them for the technological innovation and its pedagogical consequences and for the continued formation, in a perspective of formation throughout the life (BELLONI, 2006, P. 85). Exactly being possible to observe certain improvement in the teaching formation, the consequence of this does not reveal coherent with the results of the research on the quality of education.

Moreover, still it remains the enormous difficulty of if integrating new technologies to the initial formation of professors, therefore this attitude requires high investments and a series of changes in the education system superior, where this formation occurs. He has, however, an awareness, exactly that imposed for ' ' realidade' ' lived in classroom, on the part of the professor on the necessity of a continued formation, englobando update and specialization, in the intention of if fitting inside of the new requirements imposed for the work market. In this context the integration of the new technologies as didactic tool starts to have a bigger attention.

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