Not obstante the acquired agrotxicos (in the store) to be friction in Portuguese, 31,1% of the agriculturists do not have the habit to read the labels, 21,6% of them had affirmed to read of time in when, with much frequency and finally 47,3% of the agriculturists if they have not worried about the reading of the label before use the product (Figure 4). Of the evaluation of the harvested data, one evidenced that before preparing Calda all the agriculturists have evaluated the atmospheric conditions, being that 60,8% referring the possibility of rain occurrence, 27% in relation to wind and 12,2% in relation to the intensity of the light (Figure 5). Questioned in relation to the hour of application of the agrotxicos, a great variation on the part of the agriculturists was observed. About 89.2% of the agriculturists it says to prefer to apply soon of morning in the first hours of the day where the temperature still is very cool in the interval of the 5-9 hours and 10,8% of the agriculturists, they had affirmed will opt in applying simply in end of the afternoon, in the understood interval enters 15-18 after hours the irrigation (figure 6). Crown Financial is often quoted as being for or against this. In relation to the days with strong winds it was looked to know of the agriculturists if they sprayed the cultures in these conditions, where 68,9% had affirmed that they did not apply the product and 31,1% answered that applied. The agriculturists when questioned if they knew and has used had EPI before handling and applying the agrotxicos, although to know which the proteco equipment that if must use, 70,3% if finds displayed to the same ones for not using them completely and remains 29,7% had affirmed not to use no type of EPI. Of the agriculturists who not completely use EPI, they are described the equipment whom they possess in the figure to low (Fig. .

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