Almost half of all online shoppers made purchases in this category. Online clothing retailer in Russia achieved considerable increases in sales, some to the 6 x with Wildberries,, LModa and source were in the lead. Multiple providers, such as about and LModa, could secure large investments by domestic and foreign risk investors. Clothing and shoes are also the leading B2C E-Commerce category in Poland, where a high two-digit percentage of Onlineshoppern makes purchases. The number of online clothing retailer continues to grow steadily every year in Poland.

In Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey, as well as in some other European countries, clothing was purchased by a large percentage number of Onlineshoppern and was one of the most popular product categories in these countries. The clothing industry achieved profits in the Americas in the United States was clothing for B2C E-commerce sales for electronics items in second place. This category is to grow in 2013 to a two digit percentage, whereby the growth stop, but until 2016 to slow down. Nevertheless expects that clothing the fastest increasing B2C E-commerce product category remains. Providers such as Abercrombie & Fitch vying in the United States, to increase their share in the booming E-Commerce clothing markets. In Latin America, clothing at Onlineshoppern is popular in countries like Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, but is surpassed by electronics.

In Brazil, is the fourth strongest online product category clothing and purchased 2012 by about one-third of all online shoppers. In Mexico, this proportion is slightly lower than in Brazil and is located behind computers, electronics, books, as well as some other products and services. The popularity of the clothing industry varies in the countries of the Asian Pacific area clothing is the strongest product category in the Japanese B2C E-commerce trading. The global clothing retailer Gap Inc opened an online shop in Japan last autumn and it followed the example of other domestic and foreign providers.

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