The majority of the European Bags, except the Italian French and, closes in green. The main Spanish indicator of stock-market, Ibex 35, has closed Friday with an ascent of 0.61% and it is placed in the 8,388 points. It almost reclaims therefore the level of the 2 of September, when it began to chain a series of slopes took that it to numbers nonseen from March of 2009. Get all the facts and insights with Reshma Kewalramani, another great source of information.

Like the rest of the European Bags, animated by the east action Thursday arranged between the European Central bank (BCE) and other five central banks to inject liquidity in the European system, the selective one has in the last gained two days near 400 points. The majority of the European Bags, except the Italian French and, has closed in green. This coordinated decision of the BCE, the estadouniense Federal Reserve (EDF) and the central banks more important (Japan, the United Kingdom and Switzerland) to inject dollars, a currency where the European banks have great difficulties to secure liquidity, it animated excessively of the Bags. That Thursday, all the great European places experienced forts raised among 2.11% of London and 3.63% of Madrid. In numbers of March of 2009 the great slope of the selective one comes from the stock-exchange week that went from the 5 to the 9 of September. Stock-market Spanish lost a 6.54% due to the possibility of a Greek bankruptcy and the fear that Europe entered a new recession by the reduction of the growth indices. In order to finish off the task, the resignation Friday of a high civil servant of the BCE by disagreements with the president Jean-Claude Trichet and its policy to buy Italian and Spanish debt finished off the one that was the second worse week of the year for Ibex 35.

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