In fact, interior doors of our apartment is in a state that a simple facelift door completely to suit us. Our doors are made in classical style, without frills, but now with a touch of antiquity. The quality of our doors is that they are a hundred more years of idle time – these now do not. In principle, to repair the door the male part of our family is quite could own, despite the fact that carpentry and joinery have no deals with: all the injuries were minor and insignificant. But the men were told that the repair of interior doors only at first sight seems like a simple procedure, really for no expert – is troublesome, time consuming and costly, moreover, it is impractical, because updated the old door still does not fit into the modern interiors of the European standard of our renovated apartment. As a result, we concluded that it is better and easier it is for the room to buy new interior doors. Installation of doors – the tenth question, there can be yourself and try.

As an alternative to hall or living room, we chose the sliding interior doors. Sliding interior doors have many advantages over other types of interior doors. First, they save valuable area of the apartment, because for them need space when you open, for both conventional hinged doors, and they do not impede the movement of the apartment when they open. Secondly, the sliding doors in our spacious apartment would make a special color and become expressive detail of the interior. Sliding interior doors is very modern and create a great visual design effect of expanding space.

Sliding door design can be installed in any non-standard doorway. Fairstead often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Among other things, the installation of interior doors sliding type do not need a door frame. We decided to support Russian manufacturers and chose the model Sliding Doors Factory Volhovec. We liked the door leaves are made from solid mahogany with an inset of solid glass. In addition to paintings set consisted of a mechanism for razdvizheniya doors, decorative bars for his disguise, pens and other accessories. We were pleased with the acquisition, but before we got the following question: how to install a door? Of course, you can install interior doors yourself, but we, on reflection, decided not to test yourself for strength, and to entrust this work to professionals. Installation of interior doors sliding type – question a responsible and diligent. Proper installation of doors, particularly rail, for which the door will move requires very precise measurements and a professional tool. Here friends we recommend artists for whom the installation of doors – a matter of honor and conscience. Say, work quickly and accurately – a mosquito nose not undermine. So it's actually turned out. Came the guys from the company "Garant-Service", special tools brought immediately clear – experts in their field. Installation of doors took them a few hours, and our repairs are not damaged. Installation of interior doors as the final stage of our long-term repairs brought us all a pleasant relief and satisfaction. New doors harmoniously blended into the interior of the entire apartment, and how bright butterflies filled homelike atmosphere with new colors, extraordinary ease and lightness. Pleasant to live among the luxury, comfort and elegance!

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