Editors and users can hand-in-hand on new marketing community on September 1 a new marketing community is started under all marketing.de, see the users of about services and traditional to the topic: News, industry information, practical tips, first-hand, studies, national and international trends, job opportunities, tenders and much more. “CEO Ulrich Schober, former Executive Board member of the Schober information group and among other things operator of the market for their own texts Xinxii.com: Special on the new community lies in the combination of editorial support and the user-generated content.” all marketing.de is based on two factors: firstly, the marketing portal is maintained by editors, that daily enter facts from the marketing industry. On the other hand can registered users can add interesting news, articles, reports, information, etc. and the content of others, rate and comment on. Soon they will also by voting button on the relevance of the posts to vote and so its own Message hierarchy can create. The Community area “Questions”, where the user to relevant areas of marketing such as email marketing and CRM can exchange provides a way to interact. As well, the platform provides its own range for company presentations to acquiring new customers, prompting current events such as E.g. trade fairs, as well as to the posting of jobs in the marketing industry and services.

All functionalities are free usable also for companies. Soon the marketing platform is expanded with additional functions, the launch in other countries is also planned. all marketing.de is a service of contVenture GmbH. For more information see about contVenture contVenture GmbH a consulting, development and investment company is headquartered in Berlin. It supports and participates in companies that develop Web-based business models with a high innovation potential with capital and Know-How. Press contact: contVenture GmbH, Regina deck type of Oranienburger str. 90 D-10178 Berlin Tel 030-27 58 26 03 E-Mail:

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