In this article we will discuss the requirements that must match the text intended for translation into a foreign language. To date, the two most popular services that address the translation – it's translation and interpretation. More information is housed here: Chevron Corp.. These requirements apply to both written text and the spoken word. For example, if you prepare a presentation of the company, which will be translated into a foreign language it is recommended not to complicate the text, or vice versa BASED (simplify) it before you book translation (the latter is usually quite difficult to do). The main requirement for the texts – a clear expression of thoughts, lack of overloaded syntax, untranslatable fragments untranslatable play on words. It is advisable to decipher all abbreviations in the text, especially the rare and unusual (for example, used only in this Company and contained only in this document), this will help avoid unnecessary work and inaccuracies in translation.

Some companies perdostavlyayut professionals translation dictionary consisting of key terms document and abbreviations. At the moment this method is not yet a regular practice. Thus, the text for translation should be as clear. With regard to interpretation, the text should Rapporteur be the mean velocity (Rapporteur is not recommended to speak very quickly or slowly the contrary), completed in short sentences. Need for a pause in speech. Additional problems in the translation creates a fuzzy pronunciation of the speaker, fragmentary speech, the nebula in the expression of thoughts. Talking often do not think that the audience for which they translated it will not take a vivid and metaphorical speech the speaker, and only then, that of the speech will translate into enough specialist stringent conditions (timing, external interference, it is difficult transferred nuances). The speaker, who translated, so I must speak only to the interpreter. Only in this case, the translator will be able to convey the idea the speaker as clearly and without distortion. Translation agency "Litter-Dialog" We wish you every success in the selection of the Executive translations!

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