Manifesto. Demonstration on March 28. Merida And again came the capitalist crisis, corporation when almost nobody expected it was just the abundance and irresponsible consumption, no more promises of universal financial prosperity and without limit was repeated once again the bankruptcy and eviction ceremony between banks and the large transnational trading companies that until yesterday seemed all-powerful institutions. As a house of cards, the pyramid of fictitious credits false promissory notes and collapses, the empire’s money runs out, and the social relationships fall apart, the job freezes, wealth evaporates, “is accounting that our lives too will fade with the false luster of 500 euro notes’ Today we can finally realize that everything was poorly organized, that our way of life was bread today, hunger for tomorrow, which is not sustainable waste of scarce resources we all got used to, that is professional depletion of the Earth’s natural wealth, that the market can not work miracles, we can not live beyond our means, that liberal capitalism is a holdup with millions of dead at the periphery of the system, excluded from enjoying the economic benefits, and now finally we might account ask ourselves how far we have been complicit in the crimes of capitalism. We wonder that the books of accounts can not be fit, after having maintained an uncontrolled economy during the decades of neoliberal madness, with a lot of sinverg enzas hand in putting public money into the accounts of others, all a banking success financial engineering. No wonder that we have produced a deep crisis of confidence in the market economy that consumer have imploded the existing mechanisms that promote the circulation of money and goods, as we all know that there are billionaires who have decades parasites sucking the wealth of peoples, through manipulation of the market and trade relations. We did not even wonder that our rulers do not even think about anything but continue to feed the beast, giving away billions of euros to the bank, after winning votes of decades carry people only bother to live peacefully with their small income. But perhaps the time has arrived for large and small income he is companies running, and with them also end this nightmare for the rule of the financial market. So the crisis of capitalism greet with joy, as heralding a new era. For too long investment we have had to endure the culture of the pitch, aggressive executives and politicians of the virgin alive, irresponsibility and banks cynicism. The only thing we wonder is that this has not occurred before. However, the collapse of these institutions could bring execrable even worse shape if we do not act accordingly, in the sense of fighting this economic and political model that has been responsible for the dismal failure of modern humanity. Recall that the 1929 crisis encouraged the rise of fascist movements and led to the Second World War with all its attendant tragedies that populated the world those years. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni owns Rosehill Horse Farm Therefore, the problem is how to overcome the crisis without that involves a brutal decline in peoples’ human rights.

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