The clearer you see your target, the more likely that representatives of the university or foundation will see your confidence. As a rule, do not give money to those who do not know how to manage them. Most opportunities exist for those who plan to study in U.S. science. Grants and scholarships for study in the U.S., there are many – in this country are carried out advanced research and talented researchers are needed. If You have the education and experience in the fields of exact, natural and technical sciences, the chances to get funding to study in the U.S. are high.

If you have another profession, for example, economic or humanitarian – unfortunately, capabilities dramatically narrowed. Types of financial aid for education in the U.S. In the U.S., the most prevalent are four types of financial aid to students. Scholarship (Scholarship) – the most common type and is mentioned most often (even for indicate other types of assistance). Scholarships are paid in various forms, from a sum of money to discount tuition. The scholarship may be paid to both periodic and one-time fee. Grant (Grant) – a one-time financial assistance aimed at a specific target. As a rule, provides for the contest. Scholarship for research work (Fellowship) – scholarship, which imposes obligations on the recipients: study, teaching, job or internship. Award (Award) – a relatively small amount that is paid one-time fee for a win in any competition, as well as a concrete achievement in the educational process or the social life of the school.

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