Although about Russian fishing in our country is written and published a lot of literature, some of the highlights will still be no more than recall. So, a few practical tips: 1. If you’re going to catch on an unfamiliar lake, a guide for locating concentrations of fish you may be other anglers, “Flyers” nature of the terrain surface, often repeating the underwater part of it. 2. With a choice of places do not sweat it! Carefully read the depth, strength and direction of flow, determine the nature of the soil. If you would like to know more about scholarship program, then click here. 3.

Fishing in the lake can plug-in, Makhov, match rod and feeder. The limit applies Bologna rod. 4. Baits for standing water should be lighter and more active. Primary zakorm can reach 70% of the total mixture. 5.

It is better to use special buoys for standing water and slabotekuschey that have an elongated shape. Graceful, slender and very fragile looking floats, signaled biting in stagnant water. They often have a capacity less than a gram and they can be used successfully to catch fish float rod with a dull snap. In standing water for a fee fishing in the fish plenty of time to explore the lure. This is not something that the strong currents in rivers. If the current hunk swim past, or it must seize it, or miss – and then stay hungry. In the stagnant water in fish such haste there. Often, at first they first played with the bait before you consume it in food. Here the fish are more cautious, and any resistance is punished Spitting bait. Therefore, for fishing in still water are needed float such equipment, in which the fish feels no resistance. At very bad Cleve can catch an active, lifting the float along with the entire rig to provoke a bite. We float for standing water is desirable metal keel, which has its own mass, so that the float is stable in water. This is especially important when fishing in windy conditions. With light antenna, usually made of plastic, landed a good float has a minimum buoyancy and reacts very sensitively to bite. For fishing in still water floats are used, which, depending on the size of bait, lured the distance to the place and depth of the water have a capacity of 0.3 to 2.5 g Ogruzka – Light floats must be accurately downloaded. The main cargoes compact clamp on the line 60 cm from the leash. Below are single small pellet for more ogruzki accurate. Thus, the fish almost does not feel resistance when biting. Each and every lift pulls the bait recorded.

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