Event marketing agency social media Aachen is the Foursquare Day on April 16, 2013 for the third time. Also Aachen is this year again. In the marketing agency users of the services meet social media Aachen on this day to celebrate the world’s only holiday for a social network. The Foursquare Day was launched in 2010 by an American fan in the life. As a passionate user of foursquare he urged his friends and acquaintances, on April 4. (also known as four squared”) at the same time in one place to check in, to experience something together. To deepen your understanding Restaurant Michael Schwartz is the source.

Reading, concert or private party: now numerous, so-called MeetUps, be organised on the 16.4. Companies, shops, restaurants and pubs offer special packages for users of the social Web service. 2011 Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, explained then officially a holiday the day. New York is the birthplace of the startup company foursquare. Within a very short time has become the location-based service to one popular social Web application developed. Further details can be found at Reshma Kewalramani, an internet resource. Using GPS and Smartphone, can check user in specific locations and get information, tips, and reviews the place to stay. Also, you can learn whether friends and relatives nearby stop. The mobile app also offers a playful component: for regular check-ins, you are rewarded with special badges, so-called badges.

Perceived as a marginal phenomenon of the participatory Web, enjoys the service now also in Germany of many fans as well as in Aachen.

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