They do this in the context of a national congress which will last until tomorrow. The meeting also aims to leave the federation as standard agrupa.Alrededor more than a hundred taxi drivers across the country participate in our city of the V Congress of the National Federation of Taxi Owners who performed yesterday at the hotel Miter and 9 Julio.Daniel De Giorgio, secretary general of the organization, explained that “the activity includes the conduct of a regular annual meeting aimed at normalizing the institution through the new authorities, are considered memory, balance and inventory for the last year.About the conference itself, held that “involving members of associations attached to the Federation who have come from various parts of the country, as the distances are so great, there are people who, for cost reasons, could not come.” TemarioDijo after “among the fundamental issues we are dealing with collective agreements listed in each city, while nationally there is a framework convention, as far as time passed new rules came about which we are hearing statements. He added:” Another of the points we are trying is linked to public transport throughout the country have the great scourge of illegal remises much harm our business and whom the authorities did not adequately controlled, and as for the renovation of units, we see how we might be able to get the factories produce cars and ready to work, to which we have no need to adapt, with coverage of all types of insurance is another issue we will address, “plans se al .Acercaimplemented by the government aimed at renewing the vehicles said that “while any proposal short, we think that was overlooked due to the needs of taxi drivers.” He explained: “When you buy a new car there are two basic problems: one is that unity we have to deliver no one wants to take and when it does it awards a minimum value, another is that if bank loans are awarded, besides having to cope with higher fees and interest require us to choose between insurance companies, as unwilling to work with taxis, very high set quotas for individual coverage. “Giorgio finally held that” the activity carries a heavy backpack, which is the industry view, to taxi drivers, who often are victims of what occurs in public, usually we want to appear as perpetrators. ” Source: La Capital Mar del Plata

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