From these humble lines I want to get my pain, and all the Spanish, the family of policeman killed on duty, and meeting once again with his duty, which honors France and the police force to which it belongs. For whom the bell tolls For the murder of … "Murder must serve to deepen the Hispano-French police cooperation in combating 'Euskadi Ta Askatasuna" Yes I have to say that it is the first attack on French police in Gaul, but a means, and Unfortunately, it will not be the last. We all know that terrorism Spanish, in particular, and global terrorism, in general, moves across the world. Europe opened its borders to the free movement of EU, but forgot that they were becoming a large spider carrying weapons, drugs, women who are forced into prostitution …

If I understand that the borders must be open and unmistakable sign of freedom and democracy, but surely the same control must be made with some accuracy, without anyone rip garments to be registered as many times as necessary, close monitoring of belongings, money carrying what they say they are traveling as tourists, find out about potential homes, up to date about professional records that may have travelers to Community territory … If that is not we act, we will witness further attacks and unnecessary deaths of innocent people. They were and are the violent ones who exercised irreparable cruelty causing death, fear, terror, illegal detentions, murders …, never failed to respect the rights and freedoms of any democratic state, and the first right: the right to life.

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