EP gala was triple world swimming champion and Olympic gold in 2004. Return to top competition after almost two years retired after losing the desire. He retired 22 years after being more protagonist out swimming pools within. The French swimmer Laure Manaudou, Athens 2004 Olympic champion and triple world champion, has announced his return to top competition overlooking the London Games next year, nearly two years after his retirement after losing the desire to compete. I have recovered the urge to compete. I need time. I’m still not at the level to compete in some world, but I will work on that, revealed Manaudou in words to the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche collected by. Manaudou won three medals in Athens in 2004 aged just 17 – gold in 400 m freestyle, silver in the 800 m freestyle and bronze in the 100 m backstroke-, but his career stalled to secede of their coach’s life, Philippe Lucas in 2007.

Since then, not returned to a podium at the global level and multiplied its branches of training. After his break-up with Lucas, the French went to train to Turin, his then club boyfriend Luca Marin, but was expelled three months due to attitude problems, leaving shortly after the relationship with the swimmer. To break with the Italian appeared pictures of her naked and Manaudou accused Marin of having leaked to the press. He then returned to train at the club of his city Amberieu-en-Bugey, under the supervision of his brother. Shortly after he went to a club biggest in Mulhouse, but also found what I wanted and last October moved to Marseille. In January 2009 he explained that he needed a rest and went with her boyfriend, the French Frederick Bousquet, to train to United States, but eight months later he announced his retirement with only 22 years. Source of the news: the French swimmer Manaudou returns to competition

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