2008 in Beijing plenty of water in the Yangtze has impounded are superlative versus cosmic order in China for the Olympics. But who is actually immersed in the world of Feng Shui, dreamlike ink landscapes and China’s high-tech dynamic? China is one thing above all: different than expected. Who 1.319.132.500 – behind allows cities and an impressive number of inhabitants about, this exciting country opens up the. The legendary terracotta army in Xian and the probably the world’s most famous building, the great wall of China, that fabulous 6,800 miles winds through forested mountain ridges and barren desert, are just intermediate stops on the way through the sparsely populated diversity of the hinterland. Karst conical mountains, forests of bamboo and rice terraces alternate with mythical river landscapes, waterfront villages and monasteries. From the Mongolian characteristics plateau, through the “desert no return”, along the Silk Road and old imperial cities up to the tropical island Hainan the historic, cultural and natural contrasts in the country of the Center may be slightly larger.

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