Paul Craig Roberts / Counterpunch Translated from English to German rebellion Leyens How much attention should be paid to elections in Japan, India, Argentina, or any other country to the U.S. ‘ How many Americans know and even journalists who governs in other countries outside of England, France and Germany ‘ Who can name the political leaders in Switzerland, Holland, Brazil, Japan or even China’ However, many know that Ahmadinejad is the president of Iran. The reason is obvious. Is demonized daily in the U.S. Tehran has been the capital of Iran since 1778.
The high mountain range in Teheran Elburz rises above the modern skyscraper district Elahiyeh.
The province of Tehran has over 14 million inhabitants and is the most densely populated regions of Iran. Approximately 84.15 reside in urban areas and 15.85 in rural areas of the province.
The highest point of the province is Mount Damavand, which reaches to 5678 meters, the lowest point of the province are plains Varamin, 790 m above sea level.
The longest rivers of this province are the river and the river Karaj Jajrud.
Elburz mountain ranges such as covering the north and Firuz Kuh Kuh Savad are in the Northeast Lavasanat, Qarah Daq, Shemiranat, Hassan Abad Namakando and mountains are in the southern areas, and Bibi Shahr Banu Alqadr are in the southeast and the heights of Qasr-e-Firuzeh are in the eastern part of the province.
Speaking from an environmental point of view, the climate of Tehran province in the southern areas is warm and dry, but in the vicinity of the mountains is cold and semi-humid, and in the higher regions is cold with long winters. The warmer months of the year are desdemediados July to mid-September when temperatures range from 28A to 30A fifth and sixth are the coldest months of 1 C around December-Ebner, but at certain times in winter can be 15A C under zero. The city of Teheran has mild winters and warm summers. The average annual rainfall is about 200 mm, is the highest during the winter season.

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