Glamorous and unconventional! -The new book by Susanne Koch of new novel published in October 2011 by Susanne Koch, “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, is a beautiful, Romantic fantasy story, from times long past. As far as the epoch, in which the novel takes place, silent is the author about it. He plays in an unknown time, therefore also no exact date is given. The reader can decide in principle even in what time the novel takes place. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” don’t know the actress Corentine wherever she wants. Others including here, offer their opinions as well. She is unhappy, loses himself in the nightmarish dreams and mourns her great love behind. Negative feelings such as despair, anger and disappointment, about the lost happiness, you make great sorrow, only calculated the by another negative feeling, scared away again: jealousy. Fiona, the Chambermaid tries to take what Corentine believes not even to possess: the love of a man.

Just so, again life hopes to can. This feeling is however closer than she thinks. A novel is whether Corentine wakes up and finally “Samhain – magic of the ghost night”, how close it actually happiness, as is typical for Susanne Koch: imaginative, magical and self-contained. Susanne Koch writes, as she thinks, floral and unconventional. “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” is at the Aavaa – Verlag published and available in multiple formats: normal pocket book mini – book with large print “Samhain – magic of the ghost night” there is of course also as ebook and is available in bookstores, and the publishing house directly. ISBN: 978-3-86254-810-1 price in all formats: 11.

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