How often a child, eyes closed, we went to travel in a magical and wonderful world of fairy tales. Now, as adults, sometimes really want to go back to that distant land of fantasy, with a head dive into the carefree thought, dream and soar into the clouds. To get to the story in real life can be in the old country – Belgium. Wandering through the narrow streets of Belgian towns, you will feel the unknown effect of old houses and bridges, post more than one century. You to fully enjoy the ancient medieval castles and welcoming locals. In order to save all the beautiful moments spent in this country, you just need to get some useful gizmos and fun gift.

After all, surely you have not once made up a list of upcoming purchases, thinking about this exciting trip. But it's better to bring home from Belgium, which presents more like your mother and friends? Yes, quite a difficult question, but let us together try to understand it. We all know that Belgium is famous throughout the world for its chocolate and sweets. It is a haven for the sweet tooth. In any city you will find numerous trade stalls selling sweets with various fillings. It is worth noting that by buying a few pounds of these delicious sweets, gifts you can give a large circle of your friends and family. Imagine how happy will your colleagues when you return from vacation with a beaming smile and a beautiful box of Belgian chocolate. No need to ignore the national dish of "fondue." Very practical and at the same same time an exclusive thing, a special device will "fund" with which the eyes of the astonished guests can easily melt chocolate and dip fruit into it, hitting all its exquisite culinary talents. If we ask the male half of the population: the famous Belgium, then, of course, we hear you on the excellent and zaboristom national drink, a beer.

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