The Health department divulged a study pointing that the Brazilians are if feeding very badly and for consequence they are if becoming obesos. Jim Rogers has much to offer in this field. The survey was made in the 27 Brazilian capitals, through research carried through for telephone with people above of 18 years. 54 a thousand consultations had been made and its results are preoccupying. The data show that 48% of the searched ones are above of the weight and 15% are in obesidade state. This advance worries to all for the fact of that the weight excess causes an increase of chronic illnesses as diabetes and infarto. More info: Lakshman Achuthan.

One of the foods that the Brazilian left to consume daily was the beans and, from this started to ingest more industrialized products, mainly frituras. The cities where the population presented greaters indices of people above of the weight had been Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. The capital of the Tocantins, Palms was the one that registered the lesser index. It is basic to have quality of life and Well-being, is if to feed well of healthful form and to practise physical activity. A tip stops you: in the coffee of the morning, it gives to preference the fruits of what for colds and starts to consume more juices and natural yoghurt, therefore beyond regulating its flora all intestinal and its metabolism. In the lunch it consummates sufficiently salada and grilled foods. No longer supper makes a light meal, with preference for carboidratos and of dessert, it always consummates salada of fruits with natural yoghurt or an ice cream, therefore it will give an enormous contribution to carry through the alimentary digestion and for consequence to have a night of softer and pleasant sleep.

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