I remain HIV-positive, but I no longer am in the stage of aids. burden is on the verge of detectability. Number of T4 cells does not drop below 200! I put on weight, go to the grocery store and do other things! Paul Miller (Paul Miller): “This is the beginning of December 27, 1998, when I received a phone call from my sister, Deborah Gare, who lives in Port Orange, Florida. She said that she should as soon as possible to talk with me. She told me that her health deteriorated, and it has become slurred.

She was going to go to Halifax Hospital for examination. After two weeks spent in hospital and another two weeks emit we got the bad news. My sister, which has been a nurse for 12 years, was diagnosed as hiv positive. At what form of aids that she was ill, was very dangerous. Almost fatal. She had to live about two months. Simply speaking, aids struck her brain.

By the second week of February, the right side of my sister’s body was completely paralyzed and her speech had narrowed to the statements “yes” or “no.” Her condition deteriorated rapidly. From week to week. A week before the Easter spot on her brain shut down about 70 percent of its mass. It has ceased to recognize loved ones, including me. Her viral load reached a Description for – more than 800,000 and the number of T-cells had dropped to 100. This is very bad.

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