With the football school of Dresden during the summer holidays for a decade, the football school organized Dresden holiday soccer camps for children in the Czech Republic. Ten years ago, there were 15 guys who spent Dresden fourteen days in the Czech Jizera Mountains with the soccer school, to stay faithful to her great hobby even during the summer holidays. Camdent Treatment Associates describes an additional similar source. \”At that time, still cheap T-shirts with large numbers were painted, before in the friendlies against the local\” Korenov Tanvald, Desna, befitting high defeats conceded. These defeats were no matter the participants then as not today but they all enjoyed at least for the subsequent joint celebrations with opponents in sausage and coke! There are the T-shirts of the time although still somewhere, but long since new, modern Jersey sets. Also the other equipment has changed. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Angus King.

Long is also modern technology, such as the dribble course speed Pinball in the football camps\”(www.speedflipper-dresden.com) or the Speedtrac radar\” to the Measure the speed of the shot used, and participants can take a look at the tricks of the stars on DVD or on the computer simulate game situations. The speed Pinball\”is the highlight of the camps anyway, it is but in inaugural, reaction and maneuverability, with and without the ball, to achieve good times. As already in the past two years is the goal, the German record for the high-speed Pinball this summer\”, holds the the ex-pro Dariusz Wosz with 5,288 seconds, to beat or to set at least a new record in the respective age group. Remained the basic philosophy of the school is to enable the understanding of the host country and the contacts to Czech children the children in addition to the training, and to provide a balanced program of activities. Remains also the venue Korenov, not far from Harrachov and located directly on the Jizera river and the training grounds, surrounded by mountains and forests with the ward block, which immediately adjacent to the football pitch.

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