That would be the next step, with the translations then but here in Germany! Now, it is your task, your partner (even before the expiry of 14 days estimated previously by invitation) to send a s t o f o r in his country of origin according to the tasks given by the registry office. HIE, absolute discipline is necessary. The emphasis here on “now” – time’s running out otherwise you. He will need, if your partner to seriously pursue this, approx. 3 weeks. Also make sure, that your partner takes enough financial resources for a rapid application for a tourist visa for another 14 days, and the necessary documents, because the documents with Apostille must again after Germany. Send by mail is a bad idea! Your partner must return so again here – with all documents.

Arrived here, you have to submit all documents to a certified translation. They need you at the registry office – it can’t do without. Translations from Abroad are null and void. It is however not very expensive. Your partner is then back with the apostolierten deeds so after about 4 weeks and you have the certified translation, should take again 6 hours waiting at the Immigration Office of your place in purchase. There you show everything, then officials should provide you with out a visa extension directly on-site. Then take the documents to the registry office.

now the formal part – is done weeks after about 4-5. Now, the romantic phase can begin… 2. romantic considerations Yes, normally keeps you both for this phase less than 14 days. But all running now, and together choose Accessories for the wedding, book a short and inexpensive honeymoon or order the first cute utensils for the next generation. Or learn about local marriage customs. I wish you all the best, and hope to have written a helpful guide.

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