SOCIAL ASSISTANCE, an IMPORTANT BUSINESS DAILY READING strong Argument: ' ' all the ones that create were together, and had everything in common. ' ' At 2.44. INTERACTION – Context of Acts 6, is of poverty and social necessity; – Pentecostes made the church to triple of size, but, it grew in the number of the needed ones; – The number of needed increased in the church, in virtue to be deriving of a devoid society; – This lack demanded a wise reply leads of them of the Church; – A church that grows in numbers of members, must have a special attention for the social assistance, therefore logically the more people more problems? of all the natures; – The Church of Christ must grow homogeneously; prioritizing the people. OBJECTIVES To understand that bothering and pains follow the growth of the Church; To explain the institution of the deacon; To acquire knowledge itself that the social assistance is also priority of evangelho of Christ. INTRODUCTION In the introduction we have a general vision of what it will deal with the lesson this sunday, is important to separate the introduction in the sequence which was displayed; thus it will be more easy to understand its development. Let us see, therefore: . The diaconal institution: it appeared from a probable conflict enters the believers of Jerusalem; b.

Context of the probable conflict: The believers of expressions Greeks had protested against the Hebrew Christians, because its widowers were not being taken care of, or being left of side, in the daily distribution of alimentosd Expressions Greeks. Of Greek speaks, belonged to a generation born in countries is of the Palestine, whose concepts and habits were Greek of what Hebrew; Hebrew Christians. They belonged to the generation born in Palestine and said the aramaico, a language derived from the Hebrew one and very popular he enters youngest, they used the Hebrew Bible and they looked for to keep the Jewish traditions and culture, however, converted the Doctrine of Jesus Christ and baptisms into the Espirito Santo. Widowers. The widowers traditionally were protected by the Law, had been under the cares of Church (4.35; 11.28, 29; 1Tm 5,3-16). c.

Solution. To decide the impasse, the Apstolos chooses seven brothers with some qualities, so that they managed the distribution of foods; d. The Apstolos. They had been able to continue the evangelstica workmanship; e. Implications for the present time. If the workmanship of the church is to make disciples; equally it is to help to the needed one. f. Reflection. Have you if worried about the too much brothers? Jesus did not forget them. He commands you: ' ' Of there – them you of comer' '. He continues reading ….. Alan Fabiano

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