TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF the TCNICOS-ADMINISTRATIVOS OF the UFGD Andria Kremer Maria SUMMARY: This study it was carried through in the Federal University of the Great Golden UFGD, through an analysis macro of the organization. for the accomplishment of this work the theoretical referencial had been elaborated bibliographical research on the basis of relative the training and development and collections of data on the legislation that can influence programs of T & D, beyond the study on the Institucional Plan of Developments of the UFGD of 2008-2012. If you would like to know more about urban treatment associates, then click here. One perceives that the external influences the organization intervene with the politics of training and development. that is tools important to assist in the decision taking on programs of T & D. Word-Key: Training and Development, Survey of the training necessities, Public Administration. ABSTRACT: This study was conducted at the Federal University analysis of Great Golden UFGD through the macro of the organization. And you the basis this work were prepared literature searches on the of theoretical training on the development and dates collection on legislation that could affect programs will be T & D, besides the study of the Institutional Development Plan of 2008-2012 of UFGD.

It is perceived that eXternal influences the organization of interfering in the policy of training and development. And what ploughs important tools you assist in decision making about programs will be T & D. Key words: Training and Development, survey of training needs; government. INTRODUCTION Training and development in the organizations had gained a basic paper in the strategical perfectioning of the human resources. as all investment must be planned, be elaborated and be evaluated. The present article has as objective the study of the process of T& D in a public institution, but with focus in the organizacional analysis. It is under study the Great Federal University of the Golden ones, a public institution coated by the legislation and the influences politics of the country.

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