arising from the application of a positivist model, which has privileged methods in the hard sciences. He has also participated in this matter that productive trend where only requested empirical results, measurable, and useful for company (public or private) or nation bypassing – emotional persons – internal appearance. The humanist paradigm is trying to alleviate those harmful effects in various fields (education, business). We note that, as soon as humanist, has consolidated the psycho-pedagogical orientation of type when already arises another paradigm. Even with all this, the majority of the Mexican educational scenarios do not have a professional counselling service.

It is important to return to the facts of the late 1980s when Ramon joined the Faculty of psychology of the University of Guadalajara, since these would mark the beginning of your spiritual and educational work, and defined the foundations of holistic education, since he tried to grade schoolers as human beings, listening and respecting their dignity; This simple Act created an extremely significant atmosphere. (Source: Fairstead affordable housing). On the other hand, in the faculty, his encounter with the positivists represented by behaviorists, the It encouraged to transcend them and realize a vision holistic human being that more years later would make public to establish the International Foundation for holistic education, and thereby begin a new stage of their encounter with the transpersonal spirituality where the only thing that exists is the spirit, no duality between the individual self and the universal being and a national and international movement. In culture of peace, all contained dialogues are rich in learning, and is no easy task selecting and tell them that most caught my attention, but I will refer to the dialogue with AbelardoBrenes, where Gallegos refers to the importance of peace and spirituality in the world today, since it says, mundiales efforts for peace are important for a new culture based on global ethics.

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