But first, the remnants of munitions dumps. Then, down, the plane hits the water surface and loses its tail Part Lady Luck remembers airmen and splashdown takes place successfully. For a couple of minutes remaining before the flood plane, six crew members were lucky to escape. A 'flying fortress' disappears forever in the depths of the sea Motor yacht, on the passage to Corsica, falls into the storm. Roast for Europe the summer of 2007, for a team of divers into a cold, almost Baltic autumn. The upper deck is constantly filled with a wave. Divers get wet through to the skin and tremble at the piercing wind.

Periodically, the boat rises almost vertically on a wave and then falls into the abyss planned three-hour shift, is converted at six this corrida, and scorching Mediterranean sun, threatening clouds, torn by the wind. No one can change the CD-ROM Rokset who plays already in the twentieth circle boring melody But here and Corsica. Rescue island covers us from the wind. Night. Stars on the sky elucidated. You can relax and opresnit prosolennye to move things. Tomorrow we will see the legendary 'Flying Fortress' Once the most powerful American bomber that was used by the Allies during World War ii, rests at a depth of twenty-five meters, a little north-east of the Citadel of Calvi.

And today, the aircraft perfectly preserved. Sweep of its wings – about thirty feet, but with good visibility of the object can be seen entirely. Part of the blades on the screws is missing. Well preserved only the right lobe motor. But they are strongly deformed during the splashdown aircraft. The nose part is also severely damaged the cockpit, to a lesser extent. Inside aircraft can penetrate from the rear. All the weapons from the aircraft lifted. Place the top machine gun turret gaping empty hole – no cap, no machine guns there inside the plane are found in abundance of fish. The aircraft itself grown a lot of stony corals. Despite the fact that the aircraft is not very difficult to detect, we did not find in the literature, the exact coordinates of the object. Dive to the remains of the 'Flying Fortress' – is technically simple. It can be recommend that divers with qualifications at least Advanced Open Water Diver, interested in the history of the Second World War.

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